Catylist Inn, The Story Room

Welcome to my small corner of our world.

Walk in, take a seat, grab a drink – the bar’s full, we are here for a story. A tale. Adventure, despair and hope, lost pathways and good company.

Gather round, listen low or high, get a friend, we have boundless room. Catylist Inn holds untold tales and coming wonder. All are welcome.

Let’s have a round on me, you found your way here through treacherous blog-ways and trolled traps. Warm up, we are just beginning.

Our first tale, is one of Magic, Rangforne awaits. Let me tell you the tale of Branch, a new Growth Mage, close on the heels of a discovery.

The Birth of Magic, let me see…oh yes…Our story starts here.


Writer of Age Steemit

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