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Life is funny and sad. There are days that fit somewhere in the middle of them, those feelings that is. Days have a way of sticking themselves in the middle of a lot of things. That menace of dread and drear, or the warm hand that sends a shiver, its touch so secretly wanted. Yeah, days can find themselves middlesome.

Atayo watched the waters slowly ripple in. Some days, he would find himself sitting by the water, he’d smoke and think, consuming cigarettes one after the other with something bitter to drink, and a head full of reflections. He’d roll over the day slow, just like the water, how the tide would creep in, then out. These days were rare, like sunlight in a world of rain. They were nice but, he lit up another cigarette, they didn’t fill you up.

At least not all the way. They were nice though. Finish Reading Here -From Day On the Water, a short story.


Newest Free Story: The Arch of Halar


The Vague Ship

Screenshot_20181017-180843.pngBren and Captain Ralety have escaped ContradictionLand. This is the beginning of their journey. They travel through the Vague, toward the unknown. In a hilarious adventure they will uncover a newfound nature in Contradictions, they find they can contradict themselves in the Vague. Things take a turn quickly, don’t miss out on a tale of laughter.



This, is an unintended guide to ContradictionLand. You will never look at Contradictions the same.

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Tigs, Thief of Clarity

Hands of Lighting

City of Storms

Roe, A Guard’s Duty


Grimwood, A Swordman

The Blackened Wall

The Silver Swords of Ezrano

In Dusted Land


Other Tales of Rangforne

These are the stories that help to give depth into Rangforne, small stories, meant to add to the definition of this world.

The Backpack

The White Forest

A Personal Page

A Storming Translation

Stram Bowborn

Quick as Quip

***To Catch A Leaf

Stories From Another World

Some of these may, or may not exist in Rangforne, I am Undecided.

The Lost Spring

Day On The Water

About a Hum

End’s Inn

Clander’s Fifth Dementia

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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