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It's ours, life...and I choose to write. Come along, there are stories to tell...

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My name is Adam West, it really is, I’ve not changed it, I ran from it, embraced it, evolved and grew into my own interpretation of it. Life has a way sometimes, where it can present itself in a way that strikes the heart of you. It can be beautiful, or it can break you.


Where does that difference reside?


Read along, I will create myself into a writer of age, I will toil through story and words, page after page, thought to paper and will embodied. Follow along on the evolution of a writer.


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This, is an unintended guide to ContradictionLand. You will never look at Contradictions the same.

The Vague Ship, a sequel -of sorts- is fast approaching…

A Clouded Journey


Troubled, that was the feeling that Clay felt. He was surrounded by it. He could feel the heavy workings of it. Every move weighted, every thought heavier. He took another step, fog can do things to a man’s thoughts. Some liked it, loved it, ran through it. Not Clay, it was stifling to him. He longed to see far, look at what he heard, in a fog, none of that showed itself. In a fog, on the road, a man walked with himself.

Zohar Raine, A Story

Zohar Bookcover

His apartment was cozy, and he enjoyed its comforts when he found time. Some days, though, he’d dream of chasing down legends and rumors of the unknown. Something nagged his mind, persistently nestled deep within him. Sometimes it would awake to reach out to him, calling for attention, presenting him chances to grow. He would find himself dreaming of another life, one full of racing hearts and adventure

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Most Recent: The Backpack

Tigs, Thief of Clarity

Tigs is from the city of Clarity. A thief with a vision. His journey begins on the busy streets in the City of Mages. Read along as his journey grows.

Hands of Lighting

City of Storms

Roe, A Guard’s Duty

Grimwood, A Swordman

A master swordsman in a world of magic. These are tales, quick peeks into the far and wild adventures of Grimwood. He roams the world of Rangforne, purpose etched into his character.

The Blackened Wall

The Silver Swords of Ezrano

In Dusted Land

Other Tales of Rangforne

These are the stories that help to give depth into Rangforne, small stories, meant to add to the definition of this world.

The White Forest

A Personal Page

A Storming Translation

Stram Bowborn

Quick as Quip

***To Catch A Leaf

Stories From Another World

Some of these may, or may not exist in Rangforne, I am Undecided.

The Lost Spring

Day On The Water

About a Hum

End’s Inn

Clander’s Fifth Dementia

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