The Birth of Magic 1.5

From what he understood about the growing, the raspberry bush would live for years and years, continuously bearing fruit, it would thrive when others wilted. With or without water and sunshine, or care, it had a care placed in it. It had a growing.
The woods were a quiet and lonely place. He walked between the tall trees and undergrowth of an untamed forest. There was no straight path, like the roads of life, the was it was a winding way. Luckily, he knew where he was going, and could walk through the maze of wood and leaves without thought, he let his feet bring him home, and his thoughts wander.
His life was about to change.
There was no knowing where it was going to lead him. Some day he would know, but today -tonight- as he walked, he could only imagine. Mostly, he had a fear, it nestled itself nicely inside, if he would be able to do it again. To find that state of being that was needed for a growing, that was it. It dawned on him as he walked. Nearly tripping over a large root that had been intent on growing up out of the ground.
That was the thing with the magics, most of it was getting to a state, then using a purposed intention. His hometown of Terrace was a few days travel from Mageform. He would have time to prepare himself. Maybe he would take the time to practice after he got home, and along the way. IT would do him no good to show up empty and unable to do a growth. He would be ridiculed and mocked, and nobody liked that. He would do what he could to prevent that. Really, all he had to do, was to repeat an action that nearly none could do.
He laughed out loud, and it bounded through the forest around him, the way a wave washes over, it was quiet, and the silence fled before his resounding laugh.
All he had to do, was what no one else could.
Well, there was the one other, Torant, if he still lived. He hoped someone at Mageform would know where to find him. He hadn’t realized until now, but he was going to try to find Torant, he had questions, and it made sense to ask the only other person that would know from experience. It’s a different thing, experience and knowing, as opposed to just the knowing.
An owl called out from above. Branch let his thoughts go for a bit and just walked, feeling around him. The world lived, he felt it now. He reached out with his thoughts, and senses, the way a cat would use whiskers. More than he had before the growing. As though, he was tethered to the life around him. He could feel its pull, like he could sit down and commune with each variance of life. Maybe he had opened something within himself.
An understanding.
That was what all the magics really were. The way to mastering them was fully understanding, fully becoming the knowing. Gods, what a mess it could seem. At the core though, it was simple. Like many things in life, it only seemed complicated from the outside, but once you made it through the outer barrier, it was more simple than believable.
The night passed by and he wandered both woods and mind, and heavily the dark sat as he found himself approaching home. It was a small town, Terrace. Which was just how he liked it, small town, small worries. Nothing like the city of Clarity, where Mageform had been established.
The thing with cities, they were dirty, and smelled, not like the dirt of earth dirty. But corrupted, dirty-feeling, the type of place where you had to watch your pockets, or back. It happened in old cities. Clarity had been built thousands of years before. Maybe that was just the way Branch saw it. He enjoyed trees and streams and the hidden places of the world, where natural magic could grow and take root, untouched by the will of men.
It had been built with moving magics, though of course, hand and mortar and sweat had been used too, but the great wall or the towers that held strong after thousands of years of wind and rain and wars, those were built up with the prowess of Mageform’s founders. It had been years since he had last stepped foot in the city. He wasn’t sure if it anxiety or excitement that grew in the pit of his stomach.
The two were so similar, Trent had taught him that the two had the same effect. That to become excited in a moment of anxiousness was a mastery of its own type of magic. Thought and emotion were so closely tied into the magics, though really, into all of life, and finding the way to utilize them within were a key to any mage’s success.
His town was quiet, few lights were on, it was most of the way through the night, and his town slept. So it was, that Branch, new Growth Mage came to Terrace, in the night, heralded by quiet and dark and lonesomeness.



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