The Birth of Magic 1.6

The town found itself spread out before a mountainside, it was situated in the southwest corner of the Timberlands, where the vast evergreen forest met with the broad-leafed trees, that dominated further south. It was a place where ocean and forest and mountains met. Most of the year it was warm, fog would fall on the town during the early hours of the day, like a cool blanket that would settle briefly before moving on.
Fog was settling in now, it hung heavy, thick, it was nearly palpable. It worked its way through the wide streets. Three trade carts could easily amble down the corridors that made up the small town. There were a few dozen buildings, mostly houses, though the town had an inn, a general store. The town’s blacksmith had been a master in Clarity before selling his business and moving out to Terrace, he didn’t work much nowadays, but when he did it was something not to be overlooked.
Everyone in town had a small niche that worked for them, that contributed to the small but colorful ecosystem of the town. Branch was their mason mage, not that the town hired one, but he just happened to live there, and filled in the need. Some folks preferred to build their homes by hand, it was a tradition that held strong in the outer reaches of the kingdom. Closer to Mageform, it was a flailing idea.



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