The Birth of Magic 1.8

Branch woke with the first hint of light, there was a liveness in his awaking. He was going to Clarity. He would plan his trip this morning and set out right away. Growth Mage. The thought was startling, exciting, awesome and awful. Branch lay in his bed, beneath blanket and thought, the anticipation that grew within rolled and churned. He pushed them aside and sat up, hands over his face he rubbed the sleep from his day. He stared out picturing, imagining the events before and behind him. Then in a breath he focused his thoughts to his present moment, where he was and what he was going to do.
He had to go to Mageform. He would go.
Today, in short hours, and they were going to pass by before he could notice, he knew it. That was the way time worked, sometimes knowing just what to do with it was as important as having it. He stood, knowing breakfast was going to be on the run, what a hurrying thought. Branch gathered what he could from his house for the trip, a pack with rope, socks, a few traveling bites to eat, apples and jerky and that hard, bitter chocolate. He had everything he could get from his house. Not much, for a trip to Clarity, but then again, he wasn’t going to need too much.
It was going to be a two week trip by foot, not far in the wanderings of a lifetime. Branch imagined he was going to be doing a good bit of traveling in the coming days. Both in pursuit of his new craft and away from the clamoring around it. He was mostly interested in trying to find Torant, two growth mages in one lifetime. He wouldn’t mind seeing Trent, if ever their paths would cross again.


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