The Birth of Magic 1.9

He was out the door, excitement flew his footsteps. The sun was barely coming up to greet the day its warmth still out on the horizon. The fog from the night before still hung around, it was early yet. The air felt crisp, cool, a small breeze passed through and sent a chill running through Branch.
A growth mage. The thought resounded through his mind.
He was a growth mage now, what did growth mages do? Another bounding thought. It wasn’t as if he could wander down the street and ask one. He walked barefoot again, like he always did, and in hurried steps toward the general store. He knew they weren’t open, but Estelle and him were close, she would help him out. Even if he had to wake her.
Branch ran over the things he would need. It really wasn’t much. A few traveling supplies, a waterskin, there was a root called stormgrass that grew in the Stormlands, far off. If she had some it would be an invaluable addition, it gave energy both physically and mentally. When sleep pulled his eyes low, just chewing the root would ward fatigue away, it would sharpen his wits and thoughts. Very useful, it even staved off hunger.
He walked hurriedly through town and it was a quick trip, being a small town and all. A moment later he knocked softly on the door to the store. Branch was barely done with his third rap of knuckles before she flung the door open, startling him. Though it was early, Estelle, was clearly awake and going for the day, she looked beautiful. She had long dark hair, and it hung in small interweaving curls, but it was her smile and her eyes, they way they fell on him, the rapt attention she gave him, that really reached out and took his breath.
Branch accidently stood there for a moment, staring letting fumbling words fall before they fell on his tongue, he stumbled over his thoughts, none finding his voice.
“Good morning Branch!” Her voice sounded like falling rain after a long dry summer.


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