The Birth of Magic, 2.6


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Instead, he walked through the city, through the heart of it. Mageform climbed into the sky from the heart of the Clarity. It was a tower, a twisting thing that flowed up from the ground. Its stone-grey walls were smooth, though ripples seemed to run up the side of it in great streaks, as if it was all pulled up and twisted into shape. Each step brought him closer, the tower grew taller, his anticipation rose and pumped a life in his step. It was a sharp feeling, both excitement and a needle like worry pricked his step.
He walked through the city and up to the tower of Mageform. People ran back and forth in a great hustle and bustle. Many rushed by him, all in a grand hurry to get somewhere. On his walk he was jostled and pushed, bumped, hurried and harried, at some point there was a brawl in the middle of the street, which funny enough the result of a misunderstood compliment – they all figured it out much later.
Only a couple hours after walking through the front gate, Branch Growth Mage of Terrace, found himself standing before the doors, readying himself to walk through them. Inside many of the Grand Mages lived, they helped to guide the course of the magics. They pointed new scholars and students in the direction of the most patient. They were incredibly diligent about new magics, or someone working with a particularly elusive kind. Like the Growing. Anyone who went there, studied, crafted or learned there knew. You always shared with the Grand Mages, first.
“Hi Branch.”
He looked up. To see Estelle standing there. He was surprised! Oh yes, quite surprised, he found himself in one of those moments where he searched for the words to say but kept grabbing the wrong ones. He managed. “Hi Estelle! What are you doing here!?”
Sometimes he wondered what could be seen from his eyes, could she see how beautiful he thought she was, or feel the way her voice caressed sound, could she feel the static intensity that bloomed around their greeting? Right now, he mostly felt those things, but didn’t think about it, didn’t notice the embracing of it. That was one of those things.
“I am glad to see you! Wasn’t sure if I’d completely missed you, after you left I started thinking about coming to Clarity. It has been so long, and there are some things I wouldn’t mind tracking down for the shop! I tried to catch up but lost you at the river. Did you head north into the mountains? That’s crazy, its way longer that way! Did you just get into town?”


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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