Standing Before Mageform, The Birth of Magic


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How much rolls on behind eyes and face, and fingers and hands. There is a torrent of thought and energy and potentials and dreams, horrors, loves and laughter all dwelling unseen behind the eyes of a moment. Thoughts bounded through the landscape of mind. They played in the valleys of doubt, the peaks of assurance. It was a storm of opposites and composites. What a game!
Luckily, Branch didn’t get caught up in that game. He was glad she was here though, he made sure she knew too. “I’m glad you’re here. I nearly asked you if you wanted to come. But well, you know, obviously I didn’t.” He finished with a rippling of laughter.
They shared their trips with each other. She had been in town for two days and was staying at one of the nearby inns. The Traveler’s Respite. It was a good inn, they knew how to take care of someone over there. He knew from a few times staying there himself. He hadn’t planned on where he was going to be staying, Branch really hadn’t prepared anything. That was the way he was, he knew where and what he had to do, then he went that way. So far it had worked out for him, at least he thought so.
“Do you have time to find something to eat? A place to sit with something delicious to drink?” Estelle asked.
He could have, maybe he should have used some time then, to share a few moments with Estelle, and enjoy the unexpected moment. He wanted to.
“I would love to.” He looked up at the huge tower of Mageform, “Are you staying much longer?”
“A few more days, I enjoy traveling but I’m not about to spend a month of it for a two day stay in Clarity. Besides there’s a merchant’s festival in a few days, some things I’d like to track down for my shop!” She smiled, like she couldn’t have found them now anyway.
He knew she could, it was something that had always amazed him, her ability to discover and find nearly anything. Branch would just walk into a few shops, ask around, if it couldn’t be found, he’d move on. Estelle, in half the time would have found whatever it was, and six other ways to have it delivered cheaper than it should have been bought, not to mention their aunt’s favorite soup recipe. She had a way with people, she just had a way about her.
“I’d like to take care of what I need to up here in Mageform. That way we can take our time about, I saw some pretty interesting things on my way through. I’m sure you did too!” He hated to say no to now. Really there wasn’t anything he’d want to do more.
He stood before the tower, it loomed tall overhead, the shadow it cast was a spire that cut across nearly the whole of town. It shaded them in it now, the eastern sun blocked out behind it. The day was warm, the kind meant to be enjoyed. The kind meant to spend with a beautiful Estelle.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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