Seasoned Mages, The Birth of Magic


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Winter was a cold bastard, he was shrewd and strove for efficiency and a crisp clear definition for the mage world. It was odd, they each seemed to attribute to the season they had taken. As if the name placed on them had also shaped them. Spring, she was full of a bubbling mirth and could get excited quickly, Summer was passionate about the explorations of magic, of where it could go and had gone. Autumn was solemn and stayed quiet, watching until something chilling or beautiful came out.
Their talk went as he expected, hoped for, really. It was quick and there was some excitement, he would have to show them, they certainly hoped to use the spectacle to reinforce the wonders of Mageform. It wasn’t cheap to come and learn and follow the directions of the greatest magic wielders in the world. To share in the ages of gathered knowledge and artifacts.
A part of him trembled at the idea of doing a growth in front of the Seasoned Mages, let alone a crowd of Clarity citizens and other fellow mages. He felt his thoughts start to trip down that path of worry.
“Branch, master Growth Mage, are you listening?” It was Autumn.
“I lost my focus Master Autumn, I apologize.” He had lost his concentration, so naturally he wasn’t listening. For a moment he had disappeared into the future, a future, not even the real one but one he imagined.
It was Winter who had been talking and he continued. “-Tomorrow, after the midday bell sounds meet us in the Garden of Sense. Those who wish can watch as further attentioners. If you can reproduce a growth the world will surely rejoice, Clarity will celebrate.”
Branch nodded, he wouldn’t miss it. How could he, all of Clarity was bound to hear soon, that another Growth Mage had come from Mageform. He was excited and nervous. He had done another one the night before and was confident he could do it. It was something to hold so much attention though. He knew the importance of attention, it was the time of another, a piece of their life.
“Very well. Take the day for any preparations you will need. Tomorrow everything changes.” Master Winter finished.
“Yes, because today, everything changes.” Branch responded, it was the farewell of mages, well one of them.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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