Beneath the Sun, The Birth of Magic


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It felt good to be under the sky, to be in the open air, with an afternoon open before him. He stepped down the stairs, bone-white stone that was polished to shine in the sun. It did. He looked over the busy streets, folks from all over the kingdom, really the world came here. They’d travel days, weeks, months in some cases. From the Stormlands, to the Valley of Shaping, all the way to the southern cities, Crescent Bay too. They made the most splendid metalworks, knives and swords and armor, down in Crescent Bay. Not to mention all the other amazing things that came out of the Ironworks.

Where Clarity had its Mages and magics, the southern kingdom had its own ways. For ages they had been able to find a peace in the separation of their own beliefs, their own realms. Neither had vied for needs from the other, that was from the days of Halaar, when all the kingdoms raged in wars and destruction. Nowadays though, everyone seemed to accept their places, Clarity was thriving, as much as it ever had. At least as much as anyone alive had known.
“Now where would she have gone.” He spoke his thoughts aloud.
Even though his meeting with the Seasoned Mages was mostly short. It had been a couple hours now, it took a long time to walk up a tower’s worth of stairs. Mostly houses surrounded Mageform, though a few shops lined the road that encircled the tower, the markets were closer to the entrance. There was always something going on in Clarity. Today would be no exception. Branch bounded down the steps. He let some excitement grow, the kind that places itself into a moment. When something that needed to be done, finds itself done, and a moment of freedom opens up.
His stomach grumbled, as if to agree it was time to rest, relax, get something to eat and share some good company. Not that his stomach said all this, mainly it spoke of soup and roasted chicken, or some of the spiced lemon drink that Storack’s sold, a small little-known shop of wonderous flavored beverages. Maybe he would start there. Branch felt his stomach rumble again, he set off toward the markets. Toward Storack’s and to find Estelle.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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