A City Quiet, The Birth of Magic


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“I think that’s really great that they do that.” Estelle said, her voice rose softly over the crackling fire.
He thought it was great that she thought it was. Most of the time it was. “Most of the time, it is. Sometimes though, you know, when you stick a bunch of magic-wielding over-confident folks together.”
There were plenty of stories, most of the time though it ended well enough. Most things could be shaped or moved back into place. Sometimes though, it couldn’t. He remembered a thunderous dispute that shattered a tower wall, nearly destroying a floor. Breakings by furious mages. Emotions, especially when you find yourself on the edges of them, could drastically affect any magic. Really, they affected all of life.
“I’m sure it’s not that bad.” She said.
“I’ll tell you what. I’d rather be spending the night here at Traveler’s Respite.” He meant it too.
“Well naturally! Best inn in town!” She smirked at him.
They spent the rest of their night relaxing by the fire, talking and laughing. It wasn’t long before Branch found himself walking through the cool night streets of Clarity. The night was clear, and crisp, stars filled the sky, not a cloud strayed by. A soft breeze drifted through the city.
Now, alone, with his thoughts, he walked. Branch had pushed off the weight of tomorrow, to enjoy the day with Estelle, to soak in that moment. That is the thing with moments, they pass. He watched, felt and lived as this one fell through his hands, it drifted into the past, where it would always live. He knew though, if he paid attention to the moment when it was happening, he’d be able to look back on it for the rest of his life. The key was to pay attention to it while he moved through it.
Like the way she smiled or laughed at his terrible jokes. He thought they were terrible, was sure of it, the second they flew from his lips, he’d pale. But, she would laugh anyway, maybe they weren’t that bad. He ran through these thoughts while walking back to Mageform. The night was desperately quiet, as if the noise from the city ran off and escaped into the clear night sky. Leaving the ground and city streets to its quiet, and peace.

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