Things That Follow, The Birth of Magic


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A door burst open down the street spilling both light, noise, and two cumbersome men, who by all accounts appeared to be drastically drunk. Loud fits of yelling rose up over music that played enthusiastically in the room they had fallen from. The door shut, leaving the street to its quiet and dark. They stumbled off down the road ahead of Branch, turning onto another street before he caught up. Not that he wanted to, he was just walking faster.
Mageform glowed high overhead. Many of the windows shone brightly, some pulsed, flashing, shifting from one color to the next. Gods, he used to run through these streets. Race through them, pounding feet and heart. His eyes seemed harsher now, and at the same time more accepting.
It’s one of those things in life, to walk through a place that was home. Where countless hours and days and thoughts had been spent, where a piece of that life was shaped and grown. To walk through that, after years, after other places could call themselves nearly as important. It was nearly heart-wrenching to him, to look at a place he’d call home. To see the amount of time that had flown by. Of course, Clarity didn’t notice this, it was for Branch to see, and feel.
‘Life goes on, with or without you. Pay attention.’ A harsh saying that Trent had used often. Over the years though, it proved helpful, more useful than he’d imagined.
Branch spent the rest of his waking hours that night roaming Clarity. Searching out the small corners, where interesting and unique folk found themselves. He joined in drinks, in games, in cards. He wandered off, into Clarity. He wanted to grow to know it again. In one night, no less. Maybe he was trying to avoid what was coming.
Either way, he awoke, with the rising sun. And when he did, a sharp pounding head-ache brandished itself menacingly at him. He had a few hours before his Proving at the Garden of Sense. His cot creaked loudly as he pushed himself from it. The sunrise glowed on the horizon and he could see it clearly from his room’s window. A small rounded thing about two feet across let the bright rays of light bound through it, falling wherever they felt, which seemed to be the whole room. Branch stood stretching letting the sleep from his body, his muscles and thoughts.
He was ready, headache or no. He was Branch, Growth Mage. He convinced himself of this as he walked about his room, paced a little, then decided to go get some coffee down on the street. He wanted fresh air, even though his room window provided this, he wanted to walk around. Really, he wanted to get away from the nervous feeling that set itself on him. Though, he knew, he couldn’t run away from a feeling.
The thing is with those, they’d follow him wherever he went.



Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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