To an Exchange, The Birth of Magic

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Branch forced himself to form his thoughts into the direction he needed. He needed to get moving. He was out of his small corner of Mageform in a moment. He ran, both in thought, and with foot, though there was no way his feet were keeping up. He raced down the corridors of wondering. Where today would lead. What he would do and be. Who he would become.
Can any man be changed in a day? Or is it the building of all the days up to it that create the change. Or is it a moment, a breath, where understanding crashes in -don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Maybe it was all of it, in all the ways, change would happen. He walked through these thoughts, they filled his mind like bees to their hive.
He took the stairs slowly, one step at a time instead of his normal two. He needed to slow down a bit, to find a little direction. He had a few hours before he needed to do his Proving. It was the thing all mages did when they Understood a new talent. In the Garden of Sense, they show whoever wished to attend and attest proof, in action -in person- that it was Understood.
Understandably, no one would show up for a Moving, of Shaping, or Breaking. But get to the other magics, like Illuminating, and a crowd would build.
Branch had been there when Torant had done his Proving. It seemed all of Clarity had tried to cram themselves into the garden. That had been something, he had grown a Dragon Sprout. Branch hadn’t thought of that, what he would grow. He had some seeds he had practiced with in a small pouch, but nothing as spectacular as a Dragon Sprout.
He wondered if Torant had thought about all of this before he had done his Proving. Branch had just gone headlong into it. It was the way he had always done things. Now, up to his knees in it, maybe deeper and he was wondering if he had planned enough. Prepared enough.
The tower was quiet, it was early, even for a bustling community of eccentrics, and the stairwell, library, museum, most of Mageform was still and somber. Branch felt like a wind that moved through a still field. In a rush he was outside, beneath the quickly approaching morning. It seemed like a rush, sometimes a mind can wander when walking.
“This is going to be an unbelievable day.” Branch said, as if proclaiming it would make it so, he hoped so.
He decided to go to the Exchangery. It was a little used place, but there, there was a horde of information and oddities. It was the collected commissions, crafts, materials, works, offers of service, but most importantly the list of all known mages. He could ask about Torant, and Trent for that matter. He could ask about the best seeds in town.
Though, truthfully, last time he had gone through it, it could have been mistaken for wind-blasted corridor strewn with piles of paper and odds and ends. All just waiting to be blown about and lost.


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


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