A Little Growth, The Birth of Magic

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Just his kind of place, a small world of chaotic bits of knowledge, all wishing to be found and learned and shared. It was a place where someone in Clarity could -theoretically- learn just about anything. He was off, through the streets. His feet carried him quickly and purposely. The morning would soon be gone and his Proving here. For a moment he had a pang of remorse for not preparing more. For not thinking things through more. He nearly fell into the thoughts, the mindset where those feelings grew. He caught himself. There were days ahead, that would truly need his will, and nothing like using an afternoon for his own respite would compare. He watched the thought float by and didn’t grab on.
Instead. the Exchangery. What a terrible name, they could have surely put more thought into that name. But it was an accurate description, easy to remember, fit all the criteria he supposed.
He avoided people, choosing to walk the alleys and winding ways to the Exchangery. It was longer sure, but he wouldn’t have to stop and talk to anyone he hadn’t seen in years. Clarity was huge, full of people, mages, travelers, all the folks that a bustling city would attract. Still, if anyone had lived there for any amount of time and used their energies to get to know those around, the folk that passed through the paths of a person’s life, there would be without a doubt someone he knew on his way.
So, he went the way he normally didn’t. In a way it was how growing works, a new path, more understanding of Clarity, a movement into the unknown. He had spent a lot of time thinking about how growth works, the place it starts -if that exists-, how it works. Oh, it had rampaged through his thoughts since the morning at the grove.
Today he would grow.




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