What To Do About Guns?

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Guns. Guns, and Guns.

The youth, they stand. Look all around, they wield their weight, their coming voting rights, their…opinion. Really, though, the world’s honest truth, it isn’t just the youth.
You see, the funny thing about opinions. They, and yes, I mean ALL of the little bastards, (opinions) not our youth, but them too, are about as wrong as it comes. Really cmon. It’s hilarious, it’s disheartening, it’s downright disrespectful to life to do anything so much as take a shit based on an opinion.
But let’s fast-forward a bit. The shit has been laid and flushed. Opinions taken, swallowed, eaten regardless of taste or flavor. (I mean, if we all put as much thought into those as we do dinner, watch out!!)
Anyway, here we are, fast-forwarding. Right on through wars, fallen empires, homes and hearts rendered. Wait! Shit, ok, here we are, the present!
Welcome, to, the opinion. That is right, right now, looking out, feeling and seeing, experiencing, basically, living it’s an opinion. It’s a sliver, just a small piece of the world, that you feel and see, and even that. If you’re in a room, by yourself, not a spec of life in it but you. (Although, one could argue that the elements, are alive, the making blocks that we pretend to kind-of understand. I mean carbon, the air, ect) Anyway, there you are, sitting in a room, completely alone, no thing in it, and you barely comprehend the actual totality of what it takes to make and hold and have that room exist.
What the hell did I just say. And what’s the point.

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The point is, your experience, is an opinion, and it’s just your perspective. So, it’s not singularly right, or wrong. Really nothing is, it just is.
So back to the guns. I wanted a little bit of a basis here, being the idea of understanding leads to the actual understanding. The guns. Are just a tool. Go ahead, ban the guns. Lay them down, proclaim that they are the fault. Keep it up. Blame. Blame. Blah.
The understanding that is needed. IS REALLY FREAKING NEEDED. The gun. Did nothing. It was everyone around the shooter. EVERYONE. For inaction. Not noticing, not looking, or caring or thinking, the possibility could be within their reach. The signs are always there. The problem is, no one really looks. You see, it’s an opinion. And people fear opinions. Especially theirs being wrong. And fear, whew don’t let me get started on fear. That’ll be soon. Don’t you worry. Fear is a drug like no other.
It was the shooters. The lack of responsibility. Its our communities, that lay the blame on politicians and naysayers and all the other people. But it all comes to this. It happens, because it can. So you take all the guns away. What could happen. Nothing. Or something. Here’s the thing, something always happens. Go ask our elders. See what they say. Still, that’s an opinion.
Look to the history of our world. Go ahead, make the same mistakes. That is our nature. Over and over and over. Little real learning, how long has our country been in prowess? Couple hundred years, few years of comfort and all the little things are too much? People wonder what the point of life is, can’t decide on love, barely even know what the hell that is, really, love. Go find two who are really in love…I’ll wait. It’s rare.

Anyone else, see a trend. Lack of understanding. These words, that you read. This is a made-up language by man… it’s not truth. IT’S MADE UP. It’s not a universal portrayal of life and experience and feeling. It’s our best inclusion into reality as we have found. Music is there, math, art. It’s all a form of communication, and it’s all in the basis of misunderstanding, and it’s all opinion.
Freaking guns. Well here is the thing, this country, was founded on the rights of being able to defend ourselves as a people. If our time now, decides that’s what they want to give up. They will. No stopping it, if it’s what ‘everyone’ wants, thought I should quote the want. As very few people really know what they want.
What it is. At core, is a fear of death. An unmitigated, unacknowledged fear of the end of our lives. The end of your days. When the light winks out, when you pass on. No one KNOWS what’s going to happen, and to hide from that fear, folks will go to any lengths. ANY LEGNTHS. We run from fear like, well, humans run from fear. It’s a spike of a feeling that stabs every fabric of us. Not a good feeling.

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So we run from that fear, hide the guns, disarm ourselves from the fear of one person who loses their touch on who to deal with death, or life, or something. Then, you see. The scene is set, people are ready, and corruptions thrive on these environments. In the name of safety, in a realm of fear, based on the understanding of a misunderstanding.

We need a resolution. This disarmament is not a resolution, it’s a temporary bandage on a broken bone. A shattered arm doesn’t need a bandage, it need a whole realignment. Then a recasting, that takes time to set. That takes an understanding.

Here is the thing. Any people unable to defend themselves are not a free governed people. It seems we live in the moments where that will be decided. Whose opinion will be strongest. I say no, leave them in the hands of ourselves. Not out of reach. When, and it will happen, when they are needed. It will be desperately too late. We forget, we live in a world of cycles. We have become comfortable, we seek comfort now, and that is the beginning of downfall. Look to economy, look to company, look to country. Deny, till faces burn red, that matters not. Our world moves and shifts and grows, with or without.

I fear, an opinioned, misunderstood understanding that reigns emotions. That’s the real weapon here, emotion. Do you control yours? Or still blame everyone else. Take heart, take hold, this country doesn’t need disarmament, it needs a truth-filled understanding.



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