Sometimes, there is a great importance in stopping and slowing, in processing the life you have been moving through and with.

Sometimes, it’s important to fail and fall, to feel the feeling of loss and despair.

To come to the edge of giving up.

You see, it’s all so important. All of life and time. All of it.

Sometimes, that edge, of the giving up, that is where you stretch and flex and grow your disciplines, your character…you.

For, it is there. When all you’ve tried doesn’t produce what you yearn for. We all know that place. It’s the corner of your thoughts that cry to just move on, to throw away that which has continued to fail. Often that is the choice…

But, if, when you are there, deep in that moment of failingness, you Choose otherwise. You Choose to not give in, but instead step into the mindset of…until. To do it until.

It all changes.


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