Much thought went into this. Really, it was much frustration followed by a brilliant moment of connection. Though now it seems fuzzy, the way a sailing ship slips from view.

This is fine. The ship sailed, it was expected.

I have wished to create a self supporting source of income. Something where I could live and work from wherever my body finds itself. I jumped from place to place. Land to land. Always with me, was this desire.

A burning need to soar across life. Not to be found constrained by the ailment of repetition. Of familiarity. Somewhere along a frustrated path, beyond pitfalls and gnarled roots, where shade instead of warmth is offered. I fell despair first into an understanding.

I needed to create a self ecosystem. A living embodiment of the creations I aspire to wield. Of the worlds and opinions and perspectives I will create.

Stories grow. Life moves.

It’s in understanding that all new actions are developed.

So, here, I write, decided.

WordPress will be the hub, the home and pulsing point of my ecosystem. This page, will be more than a blog.

It is the conduit to all other pieces I create.

Write on writers, read on readers, laughers and attentioners. All are subject to the ecosystem of self.

Here is what and where I grow.


‘Writer of Age’


The Birth Of Magic


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