The Birth of Magic, Part One

This is the first part to a story being written via blog. Follow a story of Magic and wonder, strife and despair. Come along, the Birth of Magic begins.

Writer of Age

He got it.
The sprout bristled. It shivered. It seemed to grow, then it grew.
He got it!
Branch watched in marvel. It was the first time he had gotten the growing to work for him. The moving, that was easy, but the growing. He smiled. A big smile. It stretched for his ears and crinkled his already wrinkled brow. He had been working for this moment for years, really, his whole life. Though he hadn’t known so for much of it.
Branch sat back, and let out a breath, not just touched with relief, but bristling with excitement, adorned with anticipation, it dripped with a sense of accomplish. A small wind blew through the grove he was nestled in.
Set in a ravine, like a bowl cut from the land, it was a secret place. A waterfall found itself on the northern edge of the bowl, it tumbled playfully…

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