More Than A Blog

The World moves, it shifts and evolves, it has the constant of change.

So does the vision of my online content. What I seek to do, is create a web, a construct of opinion and and outlet of creations. I am only my opinion, I wish to share it.

I strive to communicate the things I feel I’ve come to understand, but again, that is my view, my experience of life.

There is no right way in life, no right path, no singular enjoyment.

Life is like all the flavors of food, all the colors, the sounds. None of those are wrong. Some taste bad, sure, you probably shouldn’t combine raw onions with ice cream.

Through a network of sites and avenues I work and toil and strive to become worthy of a Writer of Age.

WordPress will be the node that everything I create stems to and from, like the seed to a new plant.

From here it all starts, it all grows. I hope to share stories worth another reading, I will share my life, and my journey in understanding, of experience…of universing.



Steem of Age

WordPress of Age


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