Through It

It has been awhile since I have posted any of my writing.

Really, there isn’t much more done yet.

I’ve hand-written half a dozen pages, here and there. Intermittently when the urge hits. But I am not driving it.

I have found myself within what you could call a rut. That, is fine. I have taken the time, and used it. Though I have minimal output capabilities, because two thumbs are way slower than all ten fingers. And a phone is a poor substitute for working across multiple platforms. Oh God’s there are reasons galore.

That is the point.

There are always reasons not to. For everything. It’s funny. All the infinite reasons not to, and it takes one. Either way, to do it, or not. One reason.

Which side has the strongest reason. Action? Or inaction?

Write on, read on, create.

#writerofage #woa


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