It is a thing. Something all who create strive to find, to hold, to harness.

I took a trip this week, not far, but AWAY, and found myself quite stumped. Hit the wall, unworded. Pencil still, laptop blinking low battery and my work entirely unfinished. In fact I had done nothing.

Talk about a backfire.

It took some frustration. Some time. Then slowly a realization. By doing what I did, I was stopping myself.

You cannot GO to inspiration. It isn’t hidden in a secluded area to work, and think. Sometimes that kind of spot works against you.

I figured, by setting my work in a place I normally was not, I was severely limiting my capabilities. It stated to myself, that I had to be elsewhere to harness the creative side of myself, to utilize what I see and hear and feel. I innately stopped myself from producing because if I produced under these circumstances it would mean I needed to be in this type of place to produce.

Every thought I had, idea, vision fled because my mind knew the truth. It is not the place that inspired, it was me.

It was always me. In leaving where I was to seek myself, I dropped the ball. I missed the point.

I am my inspiration, and I am always wherever I am. Don’t seek to go.

Seek to experience for self.

‘Writer of age’


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