Zohar Raine, A Kindle Ebook

Zohar Bookcover

Zohar Raine, A Story Begins

‘His apartment was cozy, and he enjoyed its comforts when he found some time. Some days, though, he’d dream of chasing down legends and rumors of the unknown. Something nagged his mind, persistently nestled deep within him. Sometimes it would awake to reach out to him, calling for attention, presenting him chances to grow. He would find himself dreaming of another life, one full of racing hearts and adventure.’

Download: Here

This is the first fantasy fiction short story(8000 words) that I wrote and finished, it is now up on KDP publishing and available for purchase. It has been a journey getting this small tale to where it is now. It began, with a contest. months ago, I read about the Nelson Algren short story contest. There was four days left to the deadline, and this story came from that spur of inspiration.

Four days from start to finish, to rough draft, to quick proofread and submitted with three hours left. Looking back, I am grateful for the experience, and the story that came from it, but, my grammar was a disastrous mess. I didn’t place, but it was the act of doing it -and finishing a story, that really helped get me rolling into the short story world.

It is an experience in the world of Rangforne, and follows a character that will be featured throughout these stories, and in some larger adventures to come…

*Thank you for reading. Each small story I write, is a piece to the world that grows, Rangforne. Your attention, comments, just the act of reading through this, is greatly appreciated. These short stories, are brief glimpses of the world to come. Come along, there are stories afoot, tales to tell and wonder to behold. Terrors and those that would face them, and the journey it takes to get there.*

*Welcome to my small corner of the world. Pull up a seat, we have boundless room. Here at Catylist Inn there is room for all.*

*You are helping me in the journey of my story, it is just beginning. These tales will paint the world I write in just a little more. I am indebted to you my audience, I write for myself, to grow. For you, my readers. For purpose, life. Thank you. Follow more stories @writerofage Rangforne awaits…*



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