Sneak Peak! ContraDictation

I believe we all deserve a little laugh here and there. Great guffaws that rumble from the innards of your belly. Those kind that really draw out the aches of an unfettered mirth.

Hurry and get your copy of ContraDictation on Kindle Select! Free for anyone who is a Kindle Unlimited member!

An imaginative and hilarious look into a world known as ContradictionLand.

Follow Burl along, our protagonist, and discover the Laws of Contradiction. Where thoughts alone can cause you to disappear…

Join in on the fun, you’ll never look at contradictions the same again!

Burl seemed to be staring off at nothing. Sphren had just dissipated, vanished. He had eaten a grape, he should have known. That was the way it went -usually. Someone doesn’t just go and Contradict themselves all on purpose, that was suicide anyway and highly frowned upon. Unless it was for a good example of ContradictionByExample. Some schools had Diction classes, mostly though it was far easier to go along with the constant milling and streaming and consuming ways of society.

Sphren was gone, his experience was thoroughly through, WinkedOut. He pulled himself from the disappearance of his friend. Growing up here though, that shit happened all the time. He shuffled his feet around the spot where his friend had been. It was bad luck to walk through a VoidSpot, at least if you were there to see it. Obviously, if no one was there, who would know? He wondered how many folks had Contradicted themselves when no one was around. They would have WinkedOut without anyone knowing. He could be walking through one of those VoidSpots right now… A shiver ran up Burl’s spine. He knew it was an unfathomable number and he didn’t pay much attention to the thought.’ Excerpt from ContraDictation

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