Lament’s Page, Short Fiction

Branch has traveled far from Clarity, he finds himself in the great library of Crescent Bay.

Branch flipped through a book, it had been Trent’s for as long as he’d known him. Torchlight burned bright in this corner of the library. Storming torchlight! In a library, crazy bastards over here in Crescent Bay. He banished the thoughts and focused again on the page he read.

‘A little over a year ago, I started a journey. One of chasing down the thing I wanted to do with my life. Really, I started out grappling with the way to even do that, and what that even was.

I remember, I started out calling it ‘dreamchasing’. That was what I was doing. Chasing it down, running through the obstacles of thought, and belief, and all the things that culminated into who I was. Really though, that wasn’t even where it started. It wasn’t a bunch of things I wanted, or a life goal.

It was a crushing despair that everything I wanted in life, I didn’t have. Everything I had ever done…Did…not…work. I had not become who I thought and saw myself as. Talk about a blow. Bam! It was my fault.

That was the moment, the pivot point. Stark and utter clarity, into the actual life representation I was. Well, I wasn’t particularly pleased. You see, I never realized that I grew the person I was. The characteristics, the poise, the adventure, the… all of it. I had given that away, piece by piece throughout a life. It’s the king, the boss, my teacher, the weather, my feet, I’m tired, angry. Everywhere but in my hands did I place the production of my life.

It was like I woke up.

I opened my eyes, and could actually see for the first time clearly.

My life was never the same. That was when I began, the first step, after thirty years I took the first real steps in my life.

I had found the secret, that I grew myself. Once I did that, I never turned back. Life grew before me, and what was behind, that was the very ground I walked from.’

-From the Annals of Lament
North Watchman of Rangforne Mountains

These tales paint the world of Rangforne. I am indebted to you my audience, my reader, I write for you, my readers. For purpose, life. Thank you. Follow along Rangforne awaits…

For love, for life, the strongest fall and rise, into the wilds of Rangforne we go.

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