Take A Tale Or Two


I believe, we all have a story to tell..

Where did I put those…

They’re around here…


Stories of Unknown Origins. (Basically anything outside of Rangforne) Somewhere between our reality and imagination.

Day on the Water

Atayo sits beside the water, dreaming of a boat, mulling the workings of his life and the way things seem to slip right by.

Clander’s Fifth Dementia

Tank(He hates that name) is waiting for Clander’s Fifth Dementia to come on, it’s a world-wide televised phenom, but things never really go the way it’s expected.

The Lost Spring

The world has since found itself desolate, Harold, a water-finder walks in the deserted lands of Connecticut, but finds something that changes his life.

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Rangforne Stories

For love, for life, the strongest fall and rise, into the wilds of Rangforne we go.


To Catch a Leaf

Teru is practicing a forgotten tradition, she sits overlooking her village.

The White Glade

Fletch a forest tender of the White Glade walks beneath the sacred trees, looking for essences, the only place in the world they grow, and he’s not the only one.

The Backpack

The first appearance of Scram, he has just arrived at their old home, and there is danger afoot.


Roe, A Guard’s Duty

A tale in the saga of Tigs, follow Roe, a guard of Crescent Bay as a harrowing story begins.

The Blackened Wall

Grimwood is chasing down Tremmel, the man that killed his brother, the journey takes him to cursed ground.

The Silver swords of Ezrano

A small tale of Grimwood, he visits famed Silver Swordsmith Ezrano.

In Dusted Land

A Grimwood story, he is seeking the meaning of his tattoo. It leads him far into the Dusted Lands.

City of Storms

Tigs, Hands of Lightning heads to The City of Storms.

Hands of Lightning

The first story of Tigs, and the supposed day he earns his nickname.

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Zohar Bookcover

These tales paint the world of Rangforne. I am indebted to you my audience, my reader, I write for you, my readers. For purpose, life. Thank you. Follow along Rangforne awaits…

For love, for life, the strongest fall and rise, into the wilds of Rangforne we go.

Writer of Age


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