What Is That Decentralized Thing Over There?

Where is that freedom thing…


There is a decentralized movement.

It’s true. It’s actually happening right now.

It is giving us, the people, who just want love and hope and a little comfort, some relaxation, gods a little bit of that shit called life, a place to breath, somewhere to exude our expression. The negative -you know- giving the criminal side of who we are ‘this’ as a tool.

Well, you see, the truth is, they already have it.

There is plenty of technology out there to replicate this anonymity in any avenue. What this is doing, is levying the odds. Let’s destroy that advantage of the misconstrued.

What’s the most effective way to disable a thief? What if they just couldn’t find your stuff?

With the same tools -like a fork- you can feed someone, or yourself, or you can stab something in the leg. We all want a little bit of freedom. This is freedom in a bottle, or better yet, a blockchain. Take it, pass it around. It has the power to give us each a voice we can use without the worry of being repressed because we choose to say a thing. It’s not the scheme and backhanded workings of the underground. This is the wind, one for all of us to feel.

This is the movement of freedom, of information, and voice. I believe we each have an importance, something we cannot ignore, and if we do…

You see, life, it was passed to each of us. Your experience. It is important, the expression of it, how you interpret it. These things, they need a voice, one as loud as the call to sugars. Those that would spread…understanding. They need a field to grow.

This is the land of the brave.

For love, for life,

Into the Wilds we go

Explore your freedom



Force Network


Writer of Age

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet








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