Adventure, Woes and Redemption


Why I Write

One day, I woke up. I was already awake to the world, my eyes were open, yet, the color they saw the world in, was so dark. It was like wearing sunglasses all the time. Every thought was dark, everything I said to myself only brought me further into that pit. As if that was they only way to see. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t see myself, I couldn’t see how my actions shaped everything in my life. I couldn’t see the way I acted, I didn’t know any other flavor of life. Then it happened. A moment where everything changed. It went a lot like this. “Everything, I have been doing, is not working.” I had that moment of stark awareness, where I knew I was the one who needed to change. Not for anyone else, but for myself, and through that, those I love would feel it too.

The reason I write. It’s to share that, that moment of change, that moment of understanding, and that path I started on. It changed my life. I write, in case there is one other person out there that can see my message, that needs the same experience. If that happens. Every hour, and word, and frustration along this road…is worth everything.

Every story is life, an expression of it.

Every life has value.

‘What won’t you do to get the things you want?’

After some thoughts and contemplation, I decided to remove some of the fees to read my stories. Or rather, more aptly put, I reduced their price to $.99. Originally I had ContraDictation set at 2.99 per ebook, for the sole reason of offering it free for Unlimited members. I have changed my mind, I’d rather more get their Unintended Guide to ContradictionLand.


This is ContraDictation. In this world anyone who contradicts themselves disappears. This is a story about a book, about a world and the lengths those here would go to remain UnContradicting. It is a ride like none other, contradictions, will never be the same after this read.


Clay finds himself in a land of surrounding fog, this kind of fog envelopes his life. He walks into an unknown land, in search of forgotten knowledge, he seeks change and life. Unknown to him, he finds himself changing along the way. This is a story of journey, of the hardship in a land alone, in a world of fog and dark thoughts and the winding way of life.

Zohar Bookcover

Follow Jeremy as he is ripped from our world to another. In an adventure like none other a hero is introduced. This is the first tale to reveal Zohar Raine. Come along, Rangforne and a world will never be the same. This is a story of adventure, the unknown, and those moments where everything changes.

They are short, ranging from 4500 words (The Insatiable) to 10400(ContraDictation), but packing purpose. I believe we all have a message to pass, that we all have brilliance, the ability to learn, adapt, grow, love. No person is beyond these things. This kind of understanding, this kind of message is etched in each story. Each tastes a bit different.

For now, they are available only on Kindle as an Ebook. A companion to these tales is aching to join their ranks. The Vague Ship, the first ‘real’ story in the world of ContradictionLand, approaches. It will be full of fun, adventure, strife, and an overlying impossible humor.


Life, it’s ours, and I choose to write.

If money is unavailable, if life has dealt you an empty pocket, I have a slew of free stories, they all bare a bit of me. They are all me. I share them for everyone to see. You see, at one point I was scared. No more.

Free Stories and More



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These tales paint the world of Rangforne. I am indebted to you my audience, my reader, I write for you, my readers. For purpose, life. Thank you. Follow along Rangforne awaits…

For love, for life, the strongest fall and rise, into the wilds of Rangforne we go.

Writer of Age

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