A Brewing Quiet

The pages have been quiet here, flipping and turning seemingly of their own accord.

Where did this silence arise from?

The stories have slowed, dried up the way mud turns to dirt. Only, sometimes things don’t seem the way they are. Sometimes, it just seems dry, and when you dig down a little, a spring wells up and spills it’s coffers to the world.

What has this writer been doing?!

Our last adventure was a tame story, one that brought Grimwood to the top of the world, and kept him there. There was another written between then and now, but it has found a home I cannot reveal yet, but soon we will venture into the world of Teru, deeper, her life has changed in a way she never expected, bringing her to the doorstep of life and death. Where the wilds rise, where hope and home reside, where fears are fought with mind and body. We will visit there soon…

Much of the time since then has been devoted to The Vague Ship, a novella and the first of a series of tales there. Now that’s finished, we can look further into some other places. We can track down some adventures elsewhere.

What do I have to say?

I want to talk about ContraDictation

This story, is hard to describe as a story.

Oh, there is a telling there, its got a story in it.

But, it was created, unintentionally, as a guide to the world of ContradictionLand. It is the map to that world, in a way. It started as a small idea, it grew in the hours of work, between jokes and banters of workplace fun. There were laughs and those times when you think it’s funny, but everyone only looks at you funny. Those are the best. As it came out, came together, and grew, I went with it, it become something different.

If you make this jump into Contradictions, be prepared, it’s like nothing else.

Where does that leave us now?

I have, since finishing ContraDictation, been fervently working on a ‘sequel’. It doesn’t follow the story line of our Guide Book. In fact, on the Vague Ship, they have escaped ContradictionLand. If you read ContraDication (NFG Thank you for your purchase and amazing words of support) you may be wondering just what in the hell was this writer thinking? Some of it seems utter nonsense. Other parts may be an adventure in reading in and of itself. I wanted to say thank you for your unintended frustrations. BUT, now, you have the framework for what’s to come.

I have been thinking about what to do with ContraDictation, I’ve thought about attaching it to every story written in ContradictionLand. I’ve thought about giving it away, but at what point do you decide your efforts are worth reward, at least the one you’ve been seeking?

The Vague Ship, is the first true story written in this place. It’s not true, like, a real live story, but to me, it feels like a story, one I feel good about sharing. It is an adventure into laughter, into facing moments that should be difficult, it’s about more than that. It’s the tale of a man and woman, their perspectives, the way any experience is not ever really known by one person. It’s an endeavor into misunderstanding. It’s, a story, and it’s done. I have begun the editing process, and am looking further into proper formatting for an ebook. (I hope my others are not eyesores and will be polishing those up.

The Insatiable

This was one of my first short stories, and I slapped it onto the kindle, a tiny tale and I’ve decided to take it down and share it on my blog. Now this one is ripe with swears and curses and just outright vulgarity. So I’ll test run it on Steemit first. At the time it had seemed like such a feat, a large undertaking that had taken a lot out of me. But, that is the way it’s supposed to be. As we go, things don’t get easier, but we learn, and that which was impossible before, is suddenly your everyday thing.

The Bones of It

The Vague Ship – Finished writing and nearly ready to publish.

The Insatiable – Releasing for free (Sorry in advance)

Teru Story – Collaboration to be announced



Writer of Age



Zohar Bookcover

3 thoughts on “A Brewing Quiet

    1. Thank you! I hope it’s readable and enjoyable! Please let me know what you think, I may have to come up with a consolation prize for those who finish it! The Vague Ship is much more story-like and hopefully as much if not more fun! Thank you, take care in ContradictionLand 😁

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