A Misstep, Failure, Perseverance, Into the Glade we go.




The time has come to reveal what I am working on!

Let’s go, I have been quiet for too long.

I need your opinions!

Please leave them below, it only helps me to get a polarity of storytelling! Many thanks!

Into the Glade: An upcoming graphic novel.

It begins with a small story To Catch a Leaf, this was the birth of my project. This is the beginning of Teru’s story.

A very small tale, the beginning of it all.

Then, and actually, this story came first The White Forest, it follows the second character of Into the Glade, Fletch.

After months of procrastination, I began.

Into the Glade is a graphic novel I am working on. There are 3 chapters written beyond these first two stories. I hadn’t decided what to do with these two, To Catch a Leaf, and The White Forest, so I have now. They will be precursors, the story is going to cover 12 or so chapters, coupled with drawings of my own.

That took awhile, nearly crippled my work, agreeing to produce the sketches, I literally drew HUNDREDs of leaves trying to capture the way I wanted it to look. Finally, I realized I was repeated banging my head against a wall. I already had an image to use.

My goal is to produce at least two sketches per chapter, if not more.

I may release the first chapter (really the third installment in this tale, a story that brings Fletch and Teru together) while I continue working on it.

In an effort to move toward writing for work I will be holding a crowdfunding to help compensate for the time needed to produce this, to get a computer capable of anything beyond a basic word document. Basically to shift into writing.

As an offer of gratitude here, I will be giving out original sketches to those who donate. More on that to come!

Also, I plan on putting the first draft of The Vague Ship up today. It will be a rudimentary template, unaccompanied by formating finesse, let’s go with, so the story can shine.

Into the Wilds we go.

Writer of Age




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