ContradictionLand: A Novella Series

If you contradict yourself, you disappear.

Welcome to ContradictionLand. In a growing novella series available on the Kindle, we will explore a world where the Laws of Contradiction weigh heavier than gravity. One slip of thought, an accidental word, sometimes for reasons beyond comprehension, these denizens are brought to the edge of existence.

Leave your worldly woes behind in these hilarious, satirical installments.

Available On Kindle Here


Book One

Burl, the Gonva of Contra, the city of ContradictionLand, holds a guidebook to the world. Full of ambitious, downright baffling and misinterpreted lessons he struggles to find his place. Is he meant to be Govna? Or something much different. These are dangerous thoughts this world.

The Vague Ship

Book 2

Placed shortly after the events of Contradictation, The Vague Ship picks up after an effort to escape ContradictionLand. Bren, the pilot, and his Captain, Gina, are the only remaining survivors of their mission. Shortly after their departure from Contra, they crash land on an unknown planet. Between bouts of severe blank outs, where Bren forgets everything that happens, and an unwavering determination of fun, their adventure unfolds.

Writer of Age

As always I love feedback! Your opinions and response to these is greatly welcomed.

Also, there is a flash author giveaway for The Vague Ship email to (9 left!)



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