ContraDictation: A Satire

After this imaginative satire-of-a-tale you’ll never look at Contradictions the same again!

ContradictionLand Book 1

Follow Burl, the Govna of Contra, in a world where the smallest misstep in thought, or word, or action can lead to WinkOuts, or the disappearance from existence, he begins to question his place.

As leader of the denizens of ContradictionLand, he is required to keep all opinions to himself, among a great deal of other things. Contradictation is the first installment in the ContradictionLand novella series. Wordmashing, reflections on life, unintended circumstances and a redefining of life through the eyes of the Laws of Contradiction. Don’t miss out on this satire, you will never look at contradictions the same again! Take heed, take care. One wrong thought…

Welcome to ContradictionLand, grab your unintended guidebook Here

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For love, for life.

Writer of Age



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