This, Is What I’ve…

I have some stories. Many of them free, some less so, affordable, hundred copper pennies and you got one. Or three packs of gum and that’s a trade.

The thing is. They need reviews. I need reviews, peer, professional, recreational, I want to know how they have come together. These novellas I’ve crafted, eeked through in my pursuit of grammatical competence, they need a little attention.

I write on regardless. Even now, while I type this, before me sits another project, another tale, larger, broader, a world encompassing.

Though, these are a different flavor.

They live between contradictions, they hold laughter, and awkward moments and frustrations. There are those flashes of triumph so pure. They are a satirical look at a world we live in, so far from where we sit.

I can send it in, to good reads, and online book club, and all the other reviewers.

But, you know.

I can give a hundred books away for the same cost. A hundreds pairs of eyes could give me their feedback, their feelings on it. I need your opinion. Don’t hold back, don’t pull your punches, I’m willing to adapt. I’ve a stubbornness in willingness to learn and grow, adjust and move forth.

Come with me, to ContradictionLand, or journey to the Vague.



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