The Edge of Experience: My NaNoWriMo Novel

Ever have that moment you hear of something, and your mind cries…YES?

That happened to me, not much more than a week ago. I heard about Nation Novel Writers Month. Now, it is possible I’ve heard about it before, but for lack of relevance, I let it slip by unheeded.

Truth is, my stories have been small. I like to think they’re growing up.

A bunch of writers, voraciously attempting to craft a novel in a month?

I saw something there, an opening. A chance to pit myself, against, myself. I signed up, slapped a name on an idea I’ve been toying with, a story that’s hung on the edges. I’d not even penned a word down, but I knew this was the story.

I write, for the idea, that all we see, in life, is created by ourselves, that no one sees the same, no one thinks the same, to share that feeling of deciding who you’re going to be. It was something I missed along the way. Something I needed. Maybe it’s a little selfish. I’ll let the stories, judge.

The Edge of Experience. I’m going to finish this…novel. It takes us right to that edge, where experience pauses. Things are going to get weird.

I’ll share the first chapter in the coming days. A story not shared, is not told.

Also, if anyone is participating in this let me know! I want to know your…experience with it, wordsmiths ought to let their craft shout!

Writer of Age


It’s the sequel to The Vague Ship, we’ll call it, it’s older cousin.

Into the Vague

5 thoughts on “The Edge of Experience: My NaNoWriMo Novel

  1. I’m impressed! I’m on vacation and my environment is not ideally suited for me to write. What I mean is that it’s too beautiful to not explore and I don’t want to sit still and write. When I do get home next week, I will have a great deal of catching up to do. But, I’m impressed by your decision to “throw your hat in the ring!” Good Luck!

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