ContraDictation, The Satire

After this imaginative satire-of-a-tale you’ll never look at Contradictions the same again!

Burl, the Govna of Contra, a major city of ContradictionLand is about to embark on his day. He must try to remain Thoughtless, at all times. Living in ContradictionLand is dangerous, unpredictable, and unrelenting in the Laws of Contradiction.

His day starts like any other, a long walk, mostly afflicted with avoiding any sort of thought, or opinion. Unfortunately, he begins to question his own role in life. Maybe he was meant for something…different.


Our tale is named after a small book in this world. It’s hard to get anything published there, harder to finish a book even, as most authors Contradict themselves in the process, which leads to an abnormal amount of unpublished pages fluttering about. Burl has a copy of ContraDictation, a guidebook of sorts for Contra and its denizens.

Take care, read slowly, be ready to throw the book as far as possible at any moment, but most importantly! Do not, absorb anything.

Thank you for all those that have already purchased and find themselves scratching their heads, wonderment at the confusion of thoughts that must have led to this…Scifi/Fantasy Satire.


Writer of Age


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