Why Do I Write?

So I may pass the things I feel important, in story. To my daughter. If, tomorrow, I am no longer here to do so. Writer of Age


For Love And Life Into The Wilds We Go

'You have much to do. Do not sway, do not give in to situational reaction. Act -with purpose. Life will continue with or without you. So live! Take this day and make it yours, the power of fulfillment and happiness, success and triumph, it is all in and on you. Don't give up. Walk sure. … Continue reading For Love And Life Into The Wilds We Go

Sketches, Stories, Life

I believe we are all expressing how we see the world, what we want, and feel, we seek to communicate to share and love and laugh. Along the way, we hear these stories, about how to feel and do and see. Life is you. We are the universe, expressing itself. I write and draw among … Continue reading Sketches, Stories, Life