Art, Writing, and the Pursuit of Expression

I write and love, live and yearn, as all do. There are moments that herald creation.


A Long Silence

There is a writer, a painter, an artist of expression that has fallen into a quiet... one that leached movement and silenced the exude. Though... there is value in a pause, in halting to listen, in stopping to see where footsteps guide, and then to choose the next destination. I found a gap, one that … Continue reading A Long Silence

The Edge of Experience: My NaNoWriMo Novel

Ever have that moment you hear of something, and your mind cries...YES? That happened to me, not much more than a week ago. I heard about Nation Novel Writers Month. Now, it is possible I've heard about it before, but for lack of relevance, I let it slip by unheeded. Truth is, my stories have … Continue reading The Edge of Experience: My NaNoWriMo Novel

For Love And Life Into The Wilds We Go

'You have much to do. Do not sway, do not give in to situational reaction. Act -with purpose. Life will continue with or without you. So live! Take this day and make it yours, the power of fulfillment and happiness, success and triumph, it is all in and on you. Don't give up. Walk sure. … Continue reading For Love And Life Into The Wilds We Go