Art, Writing, and the Pursuit of Expression

I write and love, live and yearn, as all do. There are moments that herald creation.


A Long Silence

There is a writer, a painter, an artist of expression that has fallen into a quiet... one that leached movement and silenced the exude. Though... there is value in a pause, in halting to listen, in stopping to see where footsteps guide, and then to choose the next destination. I found a gap, one that … Continue reading A Long Silence

This, Is What I’ve…

I have some stories. Many of them free, some less so, affordable, hundred copper pennies and you got one. Or three packs of gum and that's a trade. The thing is. They need reviews. I need reviews, peer, professional, recreational, I want to know how they have come together. These novellas I've crafted, eeked through … Continue reading This, Is What I’ve…