This, Is What I’ve…

I have some stories. Many of them free, some less so, affordable, hundred copper pennies and you got one. Or three packs of gum and that's a trade. The thing is. They need reviews. I need reviews, peer, professional, recreational, I want to know how they have come together. These novellas I've crafted, eeked through … Continue reading This, Is What I’ve…


Zohar Raine, A Kindle Ebook

This is a Fantasy Fiction novella, follow Jeremy as he is pulled into a world like none other... Set in the world of Rangforne. It's a place of magic and there are stories to tell. Hurry along... Read other tales, there are some for all, they are littered around here somewhere... Choose your words, thoughts, … Continue reading Zohar Raine, A Kindle Ebook

ContraDictation, Now On Kindle

This is ContradictionLand. Walk carefully, speak less, and above all else...don't think about anything... In this world, Contradicting yourself means you WinkOut, or cease to exist. Who can be trusted? Just how would anyone survive here? Follow Burl, he has a little book to help...ContraDictation. Buy Now Writer of Age