The Vague Ship, Thank You For Another 4* Review!

Thank you Chris!   Any author in the science fiction realm, seeking to share a laugh, would be honored to be mentioned beside Douglas Adams. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a favorite of mine! I am humbled, and wish to extend my gratitude. Thank you, Chris, for your time reading, and that spent after, … Continue reading The Vague Ship, Thank You For Another 4* Review!


ContraDictation, an Ebook

After this imaginative satire-of-a-tale you'll never look at Contradictions the same again! Come along there are laughs to be had, ideas to share and grow, a life to live, this world of ContradictionLand, is open for all. We all want... We all live... Just be sure not to Contradict yourself here... Free Stories and More … Continue reading ContraDictation, an Ebook