Day On The Water, Short Story

A short story about a young man, Atayo sits by the water. Sipping on something bitter, brewing on thoughts of life. What he wants and hopes for, a life, one that is different.


To Catch A Leaf, A Fiction Story

This is my favorite story that I've written so far. It's short(800words) and I hope you enjoy. I originally published it on Steemit, and had help with proofreading by @me422u. To Catch A Leaf Teru sat quietly, legs crossed. She let the gentle wind roll by, not that she could stop it, but she enjoyed … Continue reading To Catch A Leaf, A Fiction Story

The Arch of Halar: Original Fiction Short Story

Let's journey into the world of Rangforne in this original short story. War approaches, legends are growing, a world is in need. Zohar Raine approaches and Trent, unknowing of what's to come, is just passing the famed archway of Halar. Rangforne awaits...

The Blackened Wall, Short Fantasy Fiction

A Grimwood Tale The water was waist high, it rushed past him, around him, running forth and playing -he wasn’t playing, but the water sure was. In and out it came, he pushed through it, where the river met ocean and turned brackish, the waters themselves didn’t know which way to go. He did, straight … Continue reading The Blackened Wall, Short Fantasy Fiction

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