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The Silver Swords of Ezrano

The Silver Swords of Ezrano By Adam West A hiss. Soft, sharp, and silenced with a swiftness. He could feel the warmth still that bled through the dry rag he held. Ezrano watched closely, any pull in the metal, any misbehavior. Not all metal acted the same. Even if it was from the same vein, … Continue reading The Silver Swords of Ezrano

The Lost Spring, Fiction Short Story

Original Art by Adam West Harold looked out over the dusty hills. Connecticut. He had hoped to never come back through these thieved and barren lands. He could remember when there were still rolling hills of maple and oak trees, where crab apple trees would find themselves singular in a small field, or the bubbling … Continue reading The Lost Spring, Fiction Short Story

A Story

“I don’t want to get older.” Jeremy didn’t know what to say. His tongue seemed stuck, unwilling to move. He could see it in her eyes, not just the off-hand statement of a five-year old little girl. No, it wasn’t just a passing thought. He could see the fear etched into her eyes. “What do … Continue reading A Story