Why Do I Write?

So I may pass the things I feel important, in story. To my daughter. If, tomorrow, I am no longer here to do so. Writer of Age


Clander’s Fifth Dementia, A Short Fiction Story

Clander’s Fifth Dementia Original Drawing by Writer of Age Nobody could guess the impact Clander’s Fifth Dementia would have one day on the world. Tank sat on his couch. It wasn’t his real name, but his friends had started calling him that years ago, he even thought of himself that way. He fucking hated the … Continue reading Clander’s Fifth Dementia, A Short Fiction Story

Roe, A Guard’s Duty

Original Fiction A Short Story(7500) The city. Roe spat. He hated the place. Oh yes, beautiful. Poignant, vast, spreading, there were the cultivated gatherings of all corners of the kingdoms here. It was a marvel, and truth be told, most of the time it was inspiring and awesome to walk into the city. Most of … Continue reading Roe, A Guard’s Duty

Tigs, A Small Tale

I wrote this story on Steemit, well actually first on some paper, then steemit, and now here! 'Writer of Age ' This is a little bit about Tigs. "Time, is an elusive friend, and a stoic enemy." Saying of Lament, Herald of the North Ridge Tigs was sitting. He watched the afternoon crowd bustle, everyone … Continue reading Tigs, A Small Tale