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Clander’s Fifth Dementia, A Short Fiction Story

  Clander’s Fifth Dementia Original Drawing by Writer of Age Nobody could guess the impact Clander’s Fifth Dementia would have one day on the world. Tank sat on his couch. It wasn’t his real name, but his friends had started calling him that years ago, he even thought of himself that way. He fucking hated … Continue reading Clander’s Fifth Dementia, A Short Fiction Story


A Writer, Writing?

I'm writing stuff. It's longer. Maybe...better? It could be worse, or right about the same... Maybe more fun. Some is definitely less fun then some others. There is stuff -coming. It's been awhile since I posted, so I wanted to let everyone know I didn't turn around and smash everything into wee bits in a … Continue reading A Writer, Writing?

Zohar Raine, A Kindle Ebook

This is a Fantasy Fiction novella, follow Jeremy as he is pulled into a world like none other... Set in the world of Rangforne. It's a place of magic and there are stories to tell. Hurry along... Read other tales, there are some for all, they are littered around here somewhere... Choose your words, thoughts, … Continue reading Zohar Raine, A Kindle Ebook

A Story

“I don’t want to get older.” Jeremy didn’t know what to say. His tongue seemed stuck, unwilling to move. He could see it in her eyes, not just the off-hand statement of a five-year old little girl. No, it wasn’t just a passing thought. He could see the fear etched into her eyes. “What do … Continue reading A Story

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