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New Revisions: The Vague Ship

Quick summary and update to The Vague Ship


The Vague Ship: A Scifi/Fantasy Satire Novella

Welcome to The Vague Ship A Tale of Ambiguity In an effort to remain free of contradictions, it is recommended to remain vague in all things. Take heed, bring courage. Into the Vague, we go. BUY NOW A big thanks to those who have recently purchased The Vague Ship! I appreciate the support and the … Continue reading The Vague Ship: A Scifi/Fantasy Satire Novella

The Vague Ship’s First Review

It happened! Someone, has given The Vague Ship something it was in desperate need of! A review. I as the unintended creator of this vessel, want to reach out and say, thank you! It is the first response and review of what I hope are many. I can't thank you enough! The Vague has begun … Continue reading The Vague Ship’s First Review

ContraDictation, The Satire

After this imaginative satire-of-a-tale you'll never look at Contradictions the same again! Burl, the Govna of Contra, a major city of ContradictionLand is about to embark on his day. He must try to remain Thoughtless, at all times. Living in ContradictionLand is dangerous, unpredictable, and unrelenting in the Laws of Contradiction. His day starts like … Continue reading ContraDictation, The Satire

The Blackened Wall, Short Fantasy Fiction

A Grimwood Tale The water was waist high, it rushed past him, around him, running forth and playing -he wasn’t playing, but the water sure was. In and out it came, he pushed through it, where the river met ocean and turned brackish, the waters themselves didn’t know which way to go. He did, straight … Continue reading The Blackened Wall, Short Fantasy Fiction

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