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It is a thing. Something all who create strive to find, to hold, to harness. I took a trip this week, not far, but AWAY, and found myself quite stumped. Hit the wall, unworded. Pencil still, laptop blinking low battery and my work entirely unfinished. In fact I had done nothing. Talk about a backfire. … Continue reading Inspiration


Writer of Age Discord Today I created a discord server dedicated to works under the title Writer of Age. Questions, fun, ideas, company they are all welcome! Join in at any time! Stories are afoot. One, by one, they reveal themselves....

Tigs, A Small Tale

I wrote this story on Steemit, well actually first on some paper, then steemit, and now here! This is a little bit about Tigs. "Time, is an elusive friend, and a stoic enemy." Saying of Lament, Herald of the North Ridge Tigs was sitting. He watched the afternoon crowd bustle, everyone seemed in such a … Continue reading Tigs, A Small Tale

The Force

A cryptocurrency that flies under the radar. A solid project, grand vision, and transparent team. My intrigue and likening to a certain movie series led me to impulse purchase. Months later....I did a little research. Here it is! The Force Network #writerofage *image via Force Network Twitter Further links and info in #steemit article.

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