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To Catch A Leaf, A Fiction Story

This is my favorite story that I've written so far. It's short(800words) and I hope you enjoy. I originally published it on Steemit, and had help with proofreading by @me422u. To Catch A Leaf Teru sat quietly, legs crossed. She let the gentle wind roll by, not that she could stop it, but she enjoyed … Continue reading To Catch A Leaf, A Fiction Story


The Arch of Halar: Original Fiction Short Story

Let's journey into the world of Rangforne in this original short story. War approaches, legends are growing, a world is in need. Zohar Raine approaches and Trent, unknowing of what's to come, is just passing the famed archway of Halar. Rangforne awaits...

The Vague Ship: A Scifi/Fantasy Satire Novella

Welcome to The Vague Ship A Tale of Ambiguity In an effort to remain free of contradictions, it is recommended to remain vague in all things. Take heed, bring courage. Into the Vague, we go. BUY NOW A big thanks to those who have recently purchased The Vague Ship! I appreciate the support and the … Continue reading The Vague Ship: A Scifi/Fantasy Satire Novella

The Vague Ship’s First Review

It happened! Someone, has given The Vague Ship something it was in desperate need of! A review. I as the unintended creator of this vessel, want to reach out and say, thank you! It is the first response and review of what I hope are many. I can't thank you enough! The Vague has begun … Continue reading The Vague Ship’s First Review

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